Monday, August 30, 2010

Iowa Brothers Star on the Field and In the Classroom

When you give your child the Hooked on Phonics advantage, there's no telling what that spark of confidence and academic head start will mean to his future.

Just look at what happened to Nate and Jeremy Snead of Pella, Iowa.

When their father started using Hooked on Phonics with his two boys, it became another fun way to express their sibling rivalry. Who would answer the question first?

This foundation for learning and achievement was a jumpstart to an academic career that propelled both brothers to honor student status, when they weren't starring on the football field, with Nate at quarterback and Jeremy his favorite receiver.

Today they're part of a Division III Central College team that's ranked #7 in the nation, in no small part to this potent offensive combination, with both Snead brothers garnering All-Conference honors.

Way to go, Snead brothers. We'll be rooting for you this fall!

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