Monday, July 19, 2010

Inspiring Story for a Monday

Yes, I hate Mondays.

I despise Mondays that involve a flat tire before I even leave my garage most of all. (Thank you, roofing nail.)

And no, pictures of cats with crazy hair and wacky captions aren't going to do it today. Sorry.

But this story did manage to lift that Monday cloud, and I feel doubly inspired to get down to business.

I challenge you not to feel the same way, when you read the story of teenager Destiney Johnson and the man she reached out to in a time of need, Ronnie Johnson (no relation).

Ronnie's hard-scrabble life had taken a turn for the worse, and when salon owner Suzan Dickerson extended a hand with some food, he offered his prized possession as a gesture of thanks, his time-worn Bible.

Though Ronnie took great solace in the scriptures, at age 57, the book was a reminder of a secret he'd kept his whole life. Ronnie couldn't read.

So Suzan took time to read to him on occasion, trying to brighten what was otherwise a difficult struggle on a daily basis.

That's when Destiney stepped in.

She made it her mission to teach Ronnie to read. And she's using Hooked on Phonics to do it!

Destiney, you're truly an inspiration. And best wishes to you, Ronnie. You've taught us all that it's never too late, especially if you have the will...and the helping hand of someone like Destiney.

Happy Monday!

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