Monday, March 29, 2010

Eggs-ellent Easter Ideas

Easter is next weekend and I have been salivating over all the candy aisles every time I walk into a store. Religion aside, God bless the Easter basket and all its delicious treats!

Here are some ways to help make your Easter a little more literary.

1. Along with candy, stick a book in the Easter basket this year. Check out Max’s Easter Surprise by Rosemary Wells. She’s one of Hooked on Phonics’ most celebrated authors. She even wrote two books for our Learn to Read program.

2. When you do the Easter egg hunt, put candy letters inside. For each egg your child finds, have her tell you something that starts with the same sound as the letter inside her egg. For older children, ask them to spell a word that starts with that letter. For an even bigger challenge, write out two or three words on a slip of paper and put them inside the egg. Ask your child to tell a story using those words.

3. When you decorate your eggs, use letters! You can get small letter stickers, use paint, or crayons. Let your child choose the letter (ask her why she chose it) and make some Educational Easter Eggs this year.

4. Use your jelly beans to make letters and words. For extra challenge, make words where you can eat one letter and still have a word left. For example, start with GRATE and eat a G. Now you’ve got RATE. Eat the E and make RAT. Eat the T and you have RA! Eat the R and you’ve got A. See how many words you can do like this.

Hope you have a great spring break and a wonderful Easter with your family. Keep reading!

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