Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What Can I Do to Help My Child Learn to Read? Vocabulary

Vocabulary development is a very important part of becoming a good reader. Children can’t understand what they are reading if they don’t know what the words mean when they hear (oral vocabulary) or see them in print (reading vocabulary).

How can I help my child learn more vocabulary?

You can do this by incorporating new words into everyday conversations. They’ll learn by hearing you use new and interesting words. Ask them if they know the meaning of a word you just used. If they don’t, define the word and give them examples, “Lions are ferocious. Do you know what ferocious means? Scary and really mean.” Read to them and pause to define words that are unfamiliar to them. Have them read as often as possible. The more children read, the more words they’ll encounter, and the more meanings they’ll learn.

Activity: In just a few minutes, your child can learn animal names and fun facts, all while expanding his vocabulary.

  • Watch our Learn to Read video with your child (click on the video below).
  • Print out our activity worksheets by clicking on this link: Pets Activity. You can print the pages in full color or black and white.
  • Read the instructions and help your child complete the activities.

  • At the end of this activity your child’s vocabulary will have increased, and he’ll be one step closer to becoming a great reader.

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