Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Oh, go on...

For any organization, one of the greatest things is coming across unsolicited praise from a consumer. We are always keeping our eyes peeled and ears open to hear what our customers are saying. We want to deliver the best experience that we possibly can for your child. But there is no sweeter satisfaction than finding out what you are already doing is right on!

We recently stumbled upon blogger http://www.almightydad.com/, who has been saying great things about our Master Reader product, which teaches advanced phonics skills. When we contacted him to thank him and let him know we had recently updated our Learn to Read product, we found out that, not only had he used our products with both of his sons, but two of his sisters have had great success with Hooked on Phonics as well!

Take a look at his blog and see what he thinks.

If you or your family members have stories about using any of our products, please let us know!


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