Monday, November 16, 2009

Celebrity or Teacher?

In developing infomercials for Hooked on Phonics in years past, the company was encouraged to find a celebrity host. After all, what makes people stop channel-surfing to watch a 30-minute commercial? An actor? A popular actress? A star football player? But what happens when the best person for the job is a teacher?

Joel Steingold, the host of the new Learn to Read infomercial knows the value of reading. He’s a teacher who sees high-school kids who are paying the price for not learning to read when they were just starting out in school.

Joel was a pleasure to work with at the infomercial shoot. He was patient throughout a very long day on the set. He was good natured, telling jokes between takes. He is professional and cares about kids. Who better to talk to you about Hooked on Phonics, really?

Webster’s defines “celebrity” as “a famous or celebrated person.” We put much of our child’s future in their teachers’ hands. Perhaps we don’t “celebrate” them enough. Actor? Actress? Star football player? Teacher? You decide.

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