Sunday, April 18, 2010

Google Earth ABCs!

Here's an advanced alphabet challenge: Take your kids on a geography letter scavenger hunt.
If you have Google Earth on your computer (and you should, because it's free and it's amazing) then try this puzzler with your family: Search the planet and try to spot all the letters from A to Z. Okay. Maybe that is a little ambitious. So try this: Spend 15 minutes with your kid, and try to spot his/her INITIALS on Planet Earth.
Here are a few hints to help you get started:
1) Parks, airports and school parking lots are good ways to find lots of letter shapes.
2) Zoom in and out a lot. Letters can magically appear when you change altitude.
3) There are lots of interesting shapes along coastlines, especially big cities and ports.
4) Many football stadiums have a big letter in the center of the field. (Above is the M from Ann Arbor's Big House.)

Let the hunt begin!

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Wow. This is pretty amazing...