Monday, August 3, 2009

The New Learn to Read Pre-K Is Here

…and we couldn’t be more excited about it!

For a whole year we’ve been working on developing a Pre-K program that prepares children to learn to read in a fun and engaging way. The National Reading Panel study found that teaching alphabetic knowledge and phonemic awareness significantly improves children's reading success. Alphabetic knowledge is knowing the name of letters, the sounds they make, and their shapes and phonemic awareness is the ability to hear—and work with—the individual sounds in words. Rhyming is a big part of phonemic awareness:

Once children know the letters of the alphabet, the sounds they make, and have an understanding of how sounds relate to words, they’re ready to learn to read. Ultimately, this is what we set out to do with Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read Pre-K: prepare children to be great readers of great books—such as this one:

One of my favorite parts of creating Learn to Read Pre-K was developing our HOP kids with the talented illustrator, Bryan Lango. He created a cast of characters that really captures the spirit of our Pre-K program, kids having fun while learning. Pretty cute, no?

Research shows that young children learn through hands-on activities, and what they learn must be practiced over and over again. We designed the new Learn to Read Pre-K with this in mind, but more importantly, we wanted the activities to be meaningful and fun, fun, fun! Our learn-practice-play approach provides bite-sized skills children can master in one session. Each letter of the alphabet has its own lesson filled with great songs, fun animation,...and online games:

Learn to Read Pre-K is a bunch of fun activities that sneak in a lot of learning. Why focus so much on fun? Because children stay on task for longer periods of time when they are enjoying themselves, and this helps them make a lifelong association between learning and fun. Learning your ABCs was never so much fun! You don’t believe me? See for yourself…


Anonymous said...

I'm looking for a good pre-k program and I'm interested in this one. How do I know if my daughter is too advanced for it? She already knows her ABCs.

Amy Kraft said...

Learn to Read is an 8-level system, so you can find just the right spot for your daughter. If your daughter knows her upper and lower case letter names but hasn't mastered the sounds the letters make, she can go to PreK level 2. If she knows all of her letter sounds, she's ready for Kindergarten level 1. (My daughter is in the same boat. She really knows her letters, but I'm not quite ready to start her on reading short words, so we're going with PreK level 2.)