Thursday, July 16, 2009

Learn to Read's Biggest Fan

Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read is hitting the shelves this week, and I think that no one is more excited to get her hands on a copy than my 4-year-old, Olive. You see, I was the producer on the project and in my house we lived Learn to Read for a full year. I even wrote a few of the books. Olive had only the vaguest sense of Mommy's work, but she had a front row seat to all of the steps of production.

"Mommy, what's that?"

"This is the book that I'm writing. See? All of these words here will be the words in the book later on."

"Oh," she said, and walked away.

Her interest grew as I started reviewing illustrations.

"Mommy, what are those pictures?"

"These are illustrations for one of my books. These are the pictures that will match the story."

"Why didn't you want any color?"

"Well, these are called sketches. They're just an idea of what the picture will look like."

"Oh," she said, and walked away.

From the sketch phase to final color, the question was constant: "Mommy, do you have any of the color pictures yet?"

Until finally, "Why yes, sweetie, I do!"

Olive particularly liked the lay
out phase of production because that's when we could print the books and have read aloud time with this whole new library. She was even known to help me proof workbook pages.

The best part? All throughout production she told me that she wants to make children's books when she grows up–write the words AND make the pictures. Of course, that was a few months ago. Now she wants to be an astronaut. I'd better get to work making a book about astronauts...

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