Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Starting Sound of the Day

When you’re out walking or driving with your child, why not use that time for a little phonemic fun? Pick a “Starting Sound of the Day.” For preschoolers and kindergartners, this can be a single letter, like the letter b. For first and second graders, this can be a consonant blend, like the letters ch.
Remind your child of the sound the letter or letters make, and give some sample words that begin with that letter. Then search for things that begin with that letter.

I did this with my daughter walking home from preschool the other day after she spent the day learning the letter l. She told me all about lions and love and lettuce. As we walked, we found lots of good l words: leaves, light, lines (on the sidewalk), library, and litter (did I mention that we live in New York City?) To help her find some of these things on her own I would give hints like, “Eww! What’s that on the ground that starts with the letter l?”


Mommy Niri said...

I like that "l" for litter bit! Great positive spin on trash.

sarah said...

One of the things I have seen be most effective in my work as a classroom teacher and reading specialist for the past thirteen years is helping children (or, people of any age who are learing to read, for that matter!) see the connections between these senseless symbols on the page and the words all around them that they already know. GREAT examples of how to do that, thanks Amy! I love the Starting Sound of the Day idea. Something that might be fun as an extension, especially for preschoolers or anyone still learning letter-sound connections, is to make a big poster of the alphabet at home and mark off the different letters as they are featured as starting sounds on different days. Keep up the great blogging, I love to read your suggestions!